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Default Knicks vs Bobcats Game Thread

Man where do I start. This was the game I kind of figured we would lay an egg in, but not this bad. We are definitely still a work in progress. Here is some of my notes I didn't enjoy. seeing......

1) Eddy reverted back in a big way. He may have had 25 or so points, but he refused to even put his hands up once the fouls started piling on him.
2) Where is Renaldo Balkman? He got no run at all.
3) We have to maintain dominance at home. No way washed up Derek Anderson is supposed to come in a bust you for 26. He is averaging just 5 points on the season.
4) We gave up 74 points in the second half. That's deplorable.
5) I know Okafor is a good shotblocker but damn 10 blocked shots?
6) we played absolutely no defense at all.
7) Frye had 10 points in the first quater but hardly got any run for the rest of the game.

In a previous thread I brought out that being healthy while good was going to be a test. This was a setback. We are supposed to beat this team. What i was expecting from Isaiah was to sit Curry down, put out a three guard rotation of Crawford, Marbs and Q together on the floor with Frye and lee. This lineup could have ran with the Cats and would have keep those drives by felton to the min. But I guess having everyone back may be a curse cause tonight Zeke had no clue who to play. We got by with Philly the other night because they are terrible. We squeaked with 22 turnovers. Tonight we got caught. Bad loss.
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