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Originally Posted by NyCNaTe4NyK
i think we need to trade all the bumz we dont use on the team in order to be a def playoff teamz...i mean we dont have ne real bumz on the team cause we have great talent but no chemistry and not def lineup of rotation...but i do think ppl like kato we shud trade and atlease try 2 get a good shooter besides Q, if not a good shooter we shud try n get a high-flyer/BLOCKER/STOPPER...

some1 who cud just penetrate and go up strong n with a "banga" we dont have ne1 like that...we got marbury whoz good at wut he does, crawford who had one of the quickest crossoverz ive seen "mr.clutch", Q who is startin 2 get his confidence bak n shootin threez (last year was hard timez 4 him), curry who is still learnin but he doesnt no how 2 defend or use his power under the basket rele...he shud be dunkin all these ballz in there wit his size....just 2 make a name 4 himself so defense can just give him some room...
n than like we wud need just one guy who can just fly in there n bang it on a carter but def not a carter sum1 who just isnt afraid.....REMEMBER CAMBY ON THE KNICKZ, GOOD TIMEZ...
If I could decipher what youre saying, well...this isnt NBA Live, there isnat a such thing as a high-flier. However, I doubt it would help us, we should just develop chemistry at the moment, and buy out Francis. Other than that, I think we'll be fine.
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