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Default Are we witnessing a future "all-time great" in Aaron Rodgers?

I've been a Rodgers dick rider for a good year now. I always hoped that he would go on and be something spectacular when Favre handed him the keys to the Packers and then wanted to take them back, only for the Pack to say we're riding with Aaron now. Remember this?

2008- 93.8 QB rating, 28 TD, 13 INT, 63.6%, 4 rush TD's
2009- 103.2 QB rating, 30 TD, 7 INT, 64.7%, 5 rush TD's

Here's an article on Rodgers being the best ever through his first 32 starts...

Through 32 starts, Aaron Rodgers is off to the best beginning to a career of any quarterback in NFL history, as measured by one of the position's most important stats—touchdown passes per interception (2.9). After this small sample of games, he also ranks as the sport's all-time leader in interception rate (1.8% of pass attempts) and career QB rating (97.2). It's clear the Packers correctly sensed Mr. Rodgers was a star in the making when they ended his role as understudy to Brett Favre the minute Mr. Favre began his now annual retirement ritual.

He has one of the best young cores as shown in the other team and his team will be a contender for years to come. Even the great -primetime- has said the Packers are really the one team that scares him this year.

Are we witnessing a future HOF'er who will be mentioned with the all-time greats when it's all said and done?
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