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Originally Posted by dwillreg
No way Gay falls to 8 and no way in hell Thomas falls to 10. Is that a joke?? Plus there is no way Collins falls to the second round.

I think Collins could actually be one of the players that will drop. He was a fine college player, but I think he may have problems to play in the nba. He is slow and not a particularly good shooter. I don't see him a as apg in the NBA like most people seem to think. These 6'6 college guards who are supposed to play pg in the nba seem to flop or end up playing other position. Jeryl Sasser, Joe Johnson, Reece Gaines were all supposed to be nba pg's because of their size and ability to run the show. However, only Joe Johnson was worth his pick, and only because he can play sg. I would say that Collins has much less talent than Sessyr or Gaines when they came out of college.
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