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Thumbs down :facepalm Refs win, Players lost, and stern has a grin. Technical Fouls expanded..

ESPN reports:

The NBA announced the guidelines for technical fouls will expand to include "overt" player reactions to referee calls.

The rule is intended to prevent excessive complaining from players.

When players demonstratively throw their hands in the air or demonstrate how he was fouled by hitting his own arm, a technical will be issued.

Even if a player excessively asks about a call in a civilized, referees are instructed to issue a technical foul.[/quote]
Would be nice if the refs didnt actually suck but that's not the case...bets these wont get called against the 3 headed monster, kobe etc..

Players -
Bron, Wade, Bosh etc -
Refs -
Stern -

More info:

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