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Default Re: Anyone Watch The Game Tonight?

Well, I got to read some more today. It looks like the Pistons went small ball for a while with Bynum, Gordon, Stuckey, and Summers actually at PF (and he played well). It looks like Daye did most of his damage in the 4th and overtime and was the go to scorer. He mostly played PF yesterday.

It sounds like Detroit isn't sure what to do at PF. Charlie hasn't done much so far. Monroe is just a rookie but will get a chance. Daye, Maxiell, and Summers will get a chance there too.

I think Summers is a real wild card type player. He has the physical tools to be an all-star type talent (at SF). He always does well, but just needs a legit chance, which is tough with the depth of this team. He's one guy I'd really like to see get a shot. The more I look at things I'd just like to see all the young guys develop. We might have a few diamonds in the rough, and that's what could get us back to where we need to be. Joe D has done a good job of stock piling some talent. Now we need to show it all off.
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