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Originally Posted by Vman23
Gilbert's personality has not changed a BIT. You guys think he was some kind of Micheal Redd quiet type last year? WTF? Dude has always been an entertainer who will say anything to the media to get them talking. Dude has always had the cocky personality.

Everything he says is with a smile and a laugh, whenever he says something about himself being great, it's almost never in a serious context.

And as far as feeling himself, why not? Nobody here picked the Wiz to have the best record in the East midseason. Nobody expected Arenas to improve on his numbers from last year. Gilbert is playing with the house's money. Everything he does for the rest of his career is beyond the expectations that anybody had for him.

And with his work ethic it's unlikely he starts sitting on anything, this is not Vince Carter. Arenas has the same passion for the game that the greats have.

I didn't say that his personality changed, but if you listened to what he said when interviewed in past years compared to now, there is a clear difference.

You're right that nobody picked the Wiz to have the top east record, but also nobody thought that the top record in the east would be 24-16.

And, I think that anyone who's been watching Gilberts progression over the years most definitely expected him to improve on his numbers. Last year although he didn't get this type of hype he was definitely turning heads.
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