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Default [Mixtape] JWiLL in Kings Grand Finale vol.1

Seeing JWiLL's basketball style is more smooth and steady nowadays , I thought many people still loved his crazy move in Kings and like this player .
So that I made this mixtape by myself - JWiLL in Kings Grand Finale vol.1 - Have a crazy day .
In relation to be named " Have a crazy day " is when JWiLL was rookie in Kings , not noly did make Sacramento crazy but also all America .
His jersey was so hot stuff in this period .
Congratulate JWiLL got his first Championship last season , it was my dream ...
And this was my first work hope you can enjoy it .
If you felt it is not bad and I will post the vol.2 recently , I think vol.2 will be nicer than vol.1 .
Thanks ~~
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