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As far as I know all the teams that play at a high level have a core of players that have played together a long time. They do not have the turnover of players a team like the Knicks have had.

Since the Knicks have solidified their rotation and everything has settled down you have seen an improvement. Q being out hurt.....

This team will get better and better as they play together more and stay away from serious injury.

Zeke's performance as a coach/GM will be measured in a few years when the roster will have completely turned over and the core of young players he has assembled have played together for a few years.

Any honest assessment or evaluation of his moves have to be looked at over the outcome of the next few years. Nobody wants to wait and that has been the problem with Knick management and some of the fans.

They had to rebuild through the draft, trades and some smaller free agent acquisitions. Instant fixes have fixed nothing and only made things worse. Thank goodness Dolan said enough and put Zeke on a short leash. I think Isiah also realized he was going in the wrong direction.

All this trade talk is just that, talk. We will never win signing guys on the down side of their careers or washed up has beens who won nothing and me first players.

We have a good core of young players and young veterans who are growing together.

Let's revisit this discussion in 2 years and see were the Knicks are then. So far Zeke's grade is not very good. But I have seen improvement and his tenure here is not done.

I like this team now and for the first time in a really long time I enjoy watching them play.
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