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Default Who should start at PF and SF.

Looking at some of the stats it looks like the most effective players that should start at the forwards are Lee and Frye. Balkman should be your first guy off the bench then Jefferies and Rose who is needed to settle things down with his veteran presence. Here are some stats to prove my point, look at the amounts for the time playing. Jefferies has the second most time on the court but is next to last in the stats. I left out Q because I feel he is a 2.

Lee is the best player and Frye is suffering from a slow start or his stats would be better. He missed some games also. Jefferies is the least effective but he also missed a lot of games due to injury. The difference is Frye has a sweet jumper and rebounds, Jefferies does what exactly? Defensive specialist, I have seen Lee do a better job on the D against the same players, he shut down Artest and can paly the 2. If he is having a problem with the more athletic SF's switch Q and rotate players and assignments.

Just doubling their numbers doesn't work. It's much more complex than that and beyond my knowledge of mathematics. But you could easily see who is the most efficient and effective with their minutes.

GMS Min asts blks Reb Pts

Lee 42 30.11 1.7 0.4 10.5 10.9 Averages a double double
Frye 32 26:30 0.7 0.8 5.7 10.5
Balkman 38 13:35 0.7 0.8 3.6 3.4
Jefferies 16 27.11 1.2 0.5 4.9 5.2
Rose 32 9:54 0.6 0.1 2.1 2.3

The glaring weakness with this whole group is the assists and blocks. I think that will improve with time together and working with the coaches. Balkman's stats are close to Jefferies yet he plays less than half the minutes...hmmmm.

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