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Default Re: Should Pistons try to get Josh Smith?

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
To do it and save them money while not ripping them off too badly it would hav eto be Prince,Charlie,Summers,'11 1st for Smith and MArvin Williams. I'd pay in a second, Smith would do wonders for our D and help us to be the team we want to be.

Stuckey Bynum
Rip Gordon
Smith Jerebko Maxiell
Wallace Monroe Wilcox.

I like that deal. Once we get Jerebko back I could see him being the starting SF. I'm not a big Williams fan. I wonder if there's a way to get a 3rd team involved.... We know Denver needs to trade Melo and will need someone to replace his spot.... maybe it's a 4 team deal. I'm just kind of thinking out loud but I guess it does go to show how hard it would be to really pull that deal off and not still have a logjam at SF.
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