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Default Re: Post Your Mike D'antoni stuff here!!!

Originally Posted by knickscity
Come on, I agree with everthing except Chandler being an NBA PF.

He is a SF, who at times can play multiple positions.
If you even ask him what position he's most comfortable playing, it's PF. Anyone that's followed Chandler extensively will know that. He played it all through college. He developed enough skills to survive in the NBA at SF, but that's definitely not his main position. I'm not saying he's an NBA PF. He doesn't have the body for it. But skill-wise, he's a face-up PF with some perimeter skills. He's always been able to step out and hit the jumper, even in college, but he never had strong enough ballhandling skills to be used as a wing player for long stretches. There's a reason why he's called for traveling so much. He's not comfortable handling the ball that often.
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