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Default Re: B-Roy and Mike Conley for Hibbert and Devin Harris?

Originally Posted by benJAMin
No way. Roy's value as a keeper is minimal because the knee issues will never go away and will only get worse. He has no cartilage in his knee left, so the bones are just rubbing together. He'll probably need knee replacements later in life. There's just no way he'll be able to play significant mins or many games in the future.

I have a buddy from my soccer team with the same situation. He's in his mid-30's and the doctor told him that a knee replacement might only last him 15 years, so he's suffering through it while he's young for now and will have replacements when he's older. My buddy has no chance of playing 30 mins 4 nights a week, and that's basically what Roy will have to walk away from as well.

Dang man, that's serious. Thanks for the help out. I'll stay away from B-Roy now haha. But man what a tragic inujury.
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