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I'm not even sure why I respond to you. Just for fun I'll debunk what you said about teams not leaving J.R open and leaving AA open.

This year.

J.R - 12-31 for 38% from deep. 2.6 attempts per game
AA - 20-46 for 43% from deep. 3.3 attempts per game

Last year.

J.R - 158-467 for 33%. 6.2 attempts per game
AA- 108-249 for 43$. 3 attempts per game

If it was about doing something to make it better for carmelo you take sheldon williams and afflalo off the floor and start JR so that the other team can't always double and triple carmelo

This ship really has sailed. AA is the better 3 point shooter. J.R can make tougher shots, is more athletic and fancy and has more big game potential. Arron is simply for efficient and makes and takes smarter shots.

As for your Lawson comments. He's far from one dimensional. If anything that's Billups. Billups can either knock down the 3 or get to the line. Lawson can knock down open shots, get into the line, and his penetration passing does wonders for guy's like AA\J.R\Harrington\Nene\Melo. He can break down defenses.
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