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Default Whats Wrong With The Heat?

Ok I've Been reading the Headlines Lately and it said that the "HEAT" is on Erik, ..
You Know Guys IMO, They shouldnt have signed LeBron And Especially Bosh.. They shouldve signed someone like Boozer Or Maybe Amare. Someone That can Play Solid Defense and Low-Post, Someone that can Balance the team out, feel me?
Ok , Maybe Signed Lebron and Boozer Or Amare.
The Heat's System doesnt make any sense, they got a Point Forward (James), And all the other Guards Spot Filled in, But they left out The F/C Spot, Agree?
Isn't this one of the main reason why they are struggling? Or Is it because the season just started? and they still tryna fix the missing piece?

Hmmmm, I Smell A Trade Before the deadline..

My Predictions :

Less Guards and More SF,F/C
MAYBE Chris Bosh Will get traded for another F or C, IMO Bosh is another Amare, But with Amare he can guard Big Men like Tim or Boozer (Slight),.. Bosh will be a sandwich spread. lol
But I know the strategies will change.

But Are they still confused of whos gonna lead the team? There can be only 1,... IMO , I know everybody said its wades team but I think Lebron should take the team, No Explanation.

But If you wanna talk bout trades , they should consider trading BOSH.. But if this all goes down , question is Who will they trade him for?

cant be boozer , bulls aint gonna do that trade.. cant be the nets , Lopez is not on that level yet IMO. Mann , Prolly a chance with Lopez but thats a big step-down for the heat tho... but who knows he might improve.

I dont know mann , i Just miss the Era where the centers flooded the NBA.
And it was also a good Combo for the ERA , You had athletic/highflying guards and BIg ol' Center's.. damnn dawg... I miss the 1998-2005-06 era,... There were way more better players before than now,.

Again this is only my opinion of it.
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