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Default Jordan's Master Plan (My take)

Long time reader, first time poster. I was just wondering what you guys thought of this strategy. I think Jordan wants star power to put the Bobcats on the NBA map. Nobody has more of that in this draft than Morrison. In addition, he has the ability to score from any where at any time. That is exactly what the Cats need. The problem is, of course, his defense or lack there of. I believe he will improve enough to play, but he will never be a stopper.

So let’s say Jordan and co. draft Adam and put him as the starting two from day one. Now the team has two slow, defensively limited jump shooters (Brezac) as starters. I think if Morrison is drafted Brezac will be traded for a future pick or a defensive wing player to spell Morrison. Now here is the Jordan factor. I believe Jordan may make a run for Ben Wallace. He is a very recognizable big man and brings a defensive presence and shot-blocking ability, making Morrison less of a liability. In fact, a front line of Wallace, Wallace, and Okafor would be the most athletic, shot-blocking front line in the NBA.

I know Wallace is getting older and doesn’t score much, but with his defensive prowess, he would be a good fit if Morrison is drafted. The team would look like this.

PG) Felton, Knight
SG) Morrison, Anderson, Carroll,
SF) G. Wallace, J. Jones, Robinson
PF) Okafor, May, Ely
C) B. Wallace, Voskuhl

That actually makes 13 players, so one of the role players wouldn’t make it. I’d like to keep Jones as his versatility and shooting make him a great sixth man. Anderson could be the third PG. If Morrison is drafted and Jones re-signs Carroll could become obsolete. I would also like to re-sign Ely if not too expensive. That would give us a great group of bigs. I think Robinson could be a defensive stopper on the wing in relief of Adam.

OK, there it is. My master plan or at least one that I think will appeal to Jordan. Let me know your thoughts and don’t beat me up too badly.

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