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Default Re: Nene for Calderon

The person who gets Nene wins the trade. Nene started off slow but he's really heating up. He hasn't been as "injury prone" as he is labeled, as he played 77 and 82 games the last 2 seasons... the season before that he was out w/ testicular cancer, which isn't a classic sports injury. Nene gets you really high FG% w/ 7-8 boards, a steal and a block.

Calderon is solid and good for 12 pts, 7-8 assists, a 3-pt and a steal w/ high efficiency as long as he remains the starter and isn't stuck in a timeshare. The problem is that Bayless or Barbosa might encroach on his minutes as the season moves along, since the rumors are that TO doesn't want to play Calderon more than 30 min a game (not sure why).

Basically grabbing Nene means you trade assists for rebounds, trade a 3-pt for a block, and improve your FG%. The thing w/ both these players is they are much better roto-league than H2H players, since both are ultra-efficient (high shooting %, low TO's). If you don't like Nene, you could probably trade him again and get more value than Calderon in return.

I trust Nene a lot more this season than Calderon. The other thing is that if Melo gets traded, Nene's going to get more touches and boards.
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