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Default Re: Cop turns off camera and commences 2 whooping womans ass *Video*

She was obviously hammered to high hell....that much we can see, and yeah....a loud mouthy broad....but BOOZE does that...

What trips me out, is this man, this officer OBVIOUSLY is capable of losing it under pressure. And THIS is the man we have out there on the streets? Short fuse, loses control enough to pummel some drunk ass broad just because shes a loud mouth drunk? I mean dude, her face was AWFUL. You have to be really laying into someone to get them looking like that...

THATS what gets this officer OBVIOUSLY needs a psyche exam, because he is unfit, and possibly UNSAFE to uphold the law, in stressful situations.

If some drunken female, makes you go off like that is a real dangerous situation gonna do?
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