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Default Re: The process of becoming a legal immigrant is difficult

Originally Posted by DeronMillsap
Easiest way to come to the States is if you're a war refugee. A church or family will sponsor you here. I assume another way is through marriage but that's probably a bit hard too because US officials will question the relationship whether or not it's real.

Of all (legal) immigrant Americans I've known, they're all are good people. They're usually hard workers and self-employed.

you basically described my dad. he and he brother were war refugees from lebanon. they were stuck fighting in the civil war in the 70s when they were 17, and after seeing so many of their friends' heads blown off, they defected to the US. Easy for them as they're Christian...I assume a Muslim wouldn't have been given the same opportunity given the circumstances at the time.

But they've been very hard working, tax paying "citizens" since day 1, even though it took my uncle years to get it made official.
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