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All of you are looking too much into the "Joe Rogan mentioned PrideFC! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!" I'm guessing with Pride coming to the States, they allowed UFC to show a little taste (notice how all they showed were old Crocop fights), and when Crocop comes and starts beating ass, people will say, "well sh!t, if these more exciting guys are in Pride, why don't I watch that?"

I don't believe Crocop will be in UFC very long. I think he truly does miss Pride. I think he's just here to make a couple mil, build up his name in this country, and then go back and fight Fedor.

I would not be surprised if Pride is secretly glad Crocop did this. He is basically a de facto ambassador for Pride, whether he wants to be one or not. Crocop in the UFC is like viral marketing for them.

This whole show felt very odd. Seeing Crocop in the corner…it was like seeing MJ in a Wizards uniform.

I've heard that Big Nog for sure is about as good as signed to the UFC.

Who said that? I don't even see why they would do it. Crocop, Rampage, Silva…these guys wow people. They knock the F out of people. Nog, not so much. That would be like a festival of booing. Nog has crisp boxing, but not much KO power. He has no problem with getting on his back. He just isn't a particularly pretty fighter to watch, at least not for your general UFC tard fans.

I don't see the UFC giving Nog a few hundred grand a fight for that. Just doesn't make all that much business sense.
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