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Default Who should I pick to join my team? (Garnett, D.West, Bynum, etc)

So for some reason, our league commissioner is taking apart an inactive team and allowing us to draft any players on that team. I got the 3rd pick.
Here is my current team:

Derrick Rose
Manu Ginobili
Kevin Martin
Jamal Crawford
Luol Deng
Wilson Chandler
Jason Richardson
Elton Brand
Pau Gasol
Amare Stoudamire
Boris Diaw
Kyle Lowry
Marcus Camby

Basically I'm leading in a 10 team rotto league. But I feel like I don't have enough assists and rebounds.

These are the players on the team we can pick:

Chris Paul
Jason Kidd
Steve Nash
David West
Kevin Garnett
Andrew Bynum

I have the 3rd pick so I'm assuming Chris Paul and Steve Nash will be picked. If not I will pick one of them. But assuming they're picked,
out of Kidd, Garnett, Bynum, West, who should I pick??

Kidd gives me rebounds, assists, and 3points. But his FG% sucks.
For the big men, Bynum is ranked the lowest, but he has been grabbing a lot of rebounds and blocks lately.
West is ranked very high, but other than scoring and rebounding I don't see what else he brings to the table. Bynum gets more blocks than him too.

So who should I pick out of these 4?
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