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Default Memphis Grizzlies Future

Finally we're at .500 and maybe now's a good time to discuss the future of our team.

Who should stay?
With Rudy and Mike tied into long term contracts, it's safe to say that we need to give Marc Gasol an extension real quick. Not really sold on Conley and his contract, but at least he's playing the best season of his life and is becoming more consistent in shooting the ball and running the offense.

Rudy has become the "Leader" of the team that his contract demands him to be. It's a breath of fresh air considering he kind of regressed last season. He's also shooting the ball real well at 47% and 40% from three.

Darrel Arthur has been a nice surprise all season. Scoring well when given the chance. The only thing I don't like is his allergy to rebounding the ball. Then again, we have more than enough rebounders in Gay and Gasol if Arthur does start. This brings us to...

Still up in the air
Zach Randolph. Last year he was the undisputed leader of the team. This year I see Rudy somewhat taking over that role which makes Randolph a little less valuable. Sure I do like the double-double he brings every night... but do we really need his post scoring?

Marc Gasol could probably fill that void. While Marc couldn't score 20 every night, he gives us a post scoring option that every team needs. But do we need 2 low post scorers in the starting lineup?

With Marc and Zach, we are probably near the bottom at contesting at the rim. Both guys are just too slow to rotate properly and neither complements each other's game defensively. Arthur, in the meantime, is a decent shotblocker with a nice medium ranged shot. He also gets most of his scoring through cuts and garbage baskets and does not need the ball to be effective. Also with Zach gone, we might even get to see Thabeet develop into something useful, or at least get his value up before we trade him. More importantly, we could use the capspace freed to get someone with a little more star power.

The Sam Young / Tony Allen situation is also something to look at. Both were inserted into the starting 2-guard position and both has responded differently. Tony Allen has embraced it and has done a nice job defensively. He's still small at 6'4, but has done a better job defending the perimeter than any other grizzly of recent memory.

Sam Young, while not a natural 2 guard, has struggled mightily. He's not a very good ball handler and is more suited to the backup 3 role. At the 2 he looked really lost in the offense. While he may have nothing to show for it now, he does have the size and athleticism to be a better defender than Tony Allen.

Who should go?
OJ Mayo. Let's face it, him and Rudy hasn't jelled at all since they played together. Might as well trade him and get dollar for dollar while teams want him. He's also a liability defensibly especially with an equally small point guard in Conley.

In offense, OJ has struggled a lot with his "spark off the bench role". He really needs the ball in his hands (literally on his hands for about 3 seconds at least) before he can go off. No instant offense. This creates problems when you he's usually smaller and slower than other 2 guards in the league.

Feel free to post what you think the grizzlies need to do to get from "fighting for a playoff slot" to be an actual "contender"
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