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Default Scouting The Bibbinator

I read this from the main forum, I guess nothings changed huh?
Scouting Report: Ken Bowers []

I didn't see Bibby enough to give a full scouting report, but I do have a couple of observations. I heard the comment several times last year that Bibby's game had matured with regard to running a team. That fits with what I saw. His assist total didn't jump much, but Arizona's style didn't lend itself to one player piling up assists. Bibby improved a bit in almost every important category from an excellent freshman season, and adding 4 ppg while increasing your shooting percentage is a nice step forward.
What astonished me when I watched Bibby play California is how bad he was at defending the dribble. Over the past two years, Cal has had four guys playing point--Prentice McGruder and Anwar McQueen shared the spot in 96-97 while Raymond King and Thomas Kilgore split time there in 97-98. Three of those guys could drive past Bibby at will. Only McQueen didn't, and he rarly tried to drive at all. I realize that I didn't watch nearly enough games to come to solid conclusion, but if what I saw was any indication, every NBA point guard better than John Crotty will light up Bibby in the early part of Bibby's career.

Even if NBA GMs thought that was the case I doubt it would change his draft status. He's a wonderful offensive performer and a good enough athlete to become a reasonable defender.
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