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Default Re: Now There's Gordon & Stuckey Trade Rumors..

Originally Posted by tbrulz
Interesting list you sent me, I don't have ESPN insider so how are Jason Kidd,Aaron Brooks, and John Wall ranked? I'd have them higher than Stuck in rankings... I'd have him ranked in between 10 to 20 in terms of starting PG, so that's below average to me.

Agree the assists need to go up which is why I don't see his future as a PG. He just doesn't seem to have those natural PG instincts, way too much of a scorers mentality. Some of that is because of what he is asked to do for the Pistons like you said.

Gordon yea he's be a disappointment but part of that has to do with inconsistent minutes. Splitting time with Rip and now be effective I say Gordon needs 20 plus...

I don't mind the losing...higher draft pick!!...but I want us to develop our youth more. Yea Austin and Monroe struggle in games but I'd play them regardless, let them play through their mistakes.

Agree that you gotta play DAye and Monroe through struggles. Wall will be better than Stuckey, Kidd was better than Stuckey, but neither is right now probably. Brooks? NOPE
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