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Default Official Thread: Brainstorm your thoughts/ideas on 2/21/10 Knicks Roster

3 Youngsters down from the big 9 man deal leading Carmelo to the NY Knicks. As we celebrate, we think to ourselves, well, some thought about the negativity he brings, others rejoice in their laughter & pride of our teams future progress. What happens after Carmelo Anthony joins the Knicks. The chemistry between Amar'e & him, what about Billups & Amare. What will this team be like, what about the players we braught into our team.

Lets face it Knicks fans. Carmelo wasn't going to leave money on the table, what about you? You damm straight wouldn't. I don't care if he was greedy/selfish & could of saved our 3 young stars from being traded, possibly even ruining their career, or even starting it!



Brainstorm for me? Chandler is a silent assassin, he's going to leave reguardless. He's to inconsistant.

Gallonari, this guy REALLY did improve. I will say it now, I was in terms of trading him, but the guy REALLY did make a difference after his injury he came off some nights drived to the basket, made his freethrows, he hit down his open 3's when we needed him. At age 22, he was the biggest lost of this trade, we will miss you so much Gallo, I'm proud I will miss him to.

Felton, well this guy did bring better excitement than any other Knick player in our past. I loved watching him play, the guy cannot score much, which was the issue. We needed a ball handler who seen the court, he's way to inconsistant. His best ability? & driving to the basket for easy/nice layups. Great freethrow shooter.

Mozgov. Boy. This guy has his time of "flashy lights" here in the Garden. I think what really happened here, if Shawne Williams didn't get into that fight, our team would never of explored into Mozgov, Nuggets seen his ability, now he's gone. What can we do about it? I don't see this guy becoming the next Pau Gasol? He's a good guy, he stopped turning the ball over, but that's NOT ENOUGH. He was a trade piece that BECAME valuable & always will be because he has POTENTIAL. That's apart of trades & whether we like it or not, he had to go he was also inconsistant. He is future star power, but for now, all he really is, is a BIG MAN TAKING UP SPACE ON THE COURT PROVIDING A BIG BODY.

+ the unforgotten man, Eddy Curry. At age 28 been around the league for almost & nearly a decade, he was a dissapointment truly. The last of the Knicks other then Toney Douglas to remain here on our roster, good riddins!

Knicks fans, we only lost Gallo. One year with Melo & Billups to work with Amare & build as much chemistry as POSSIBLE.

Billups is by far one of the best shooters alive, greater then Gallonari (as this point & in his past) & will always be better then Felton. We stole Billups & Carmelo. Role players come & GO. What role player I was GLADLY happy about not leaving in ANY trades what so ever? OUR BOY FIELDS. As for Mozgov, better luck on another team. No hate, I loved what he braught out, just didn't cut out. Teams look at him & see fear.

With all this said & done, I do not know the other players who are coming into our roster, so I digged some information up.

Carmelo Anthony, guards Chauncey Billups and Anthony Carter, center Shelden Williams and forward Renaldo Balkman will go to New York

Were all familiar with Anthony & Billups.

Anthony Bernard Carter
Position: Guard ▪ Height: 6-1 ▪ Weight: 190 lbs.
(Video) -

Shelden DeMar Williams
Position: Forward ▪ Height: 6-9 ▪ Weight: 250 lbs.
(Video) -

Renaldo Balkman
Position: Forward ▪ Height: 6-8 ▪ Weight: 208 lbs.
Couldn't find anything on him really. He was first a Knick, so welcome back.

I really don't know about Sheldon Williams, but eh. We need big men & I was hoping we had Birdman out of this trade sadly we didn't.

Lets work on our starting lineup?


I love that starting lineup. Turiaf might need some rest, so it looks like he's not really a legit starting player but would be legit if we can get someone who is & start him as a backup.

Knicks Bench pre trade - Chandler, Williams, Walker, Douglas & Turiaf.
Knicks Bench post trade - Brewer, Williams, Walker, Douglas, Turiaf, Balkman, Carter, Sheldon Williams.

I like Walker coming off the bench, moving Turiaf to & into our starting line up might cause him to play less minutes. I really don't know if these role players are good enough.

Anyone knows if Balkman is any good now? What about Sheldon Williams? I have some hopes in Anthony Carter, as for Balkman & Williams, not sure if serious.

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