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Default Re: Groopie poll

[quote=NASH = BEST]

Alot of posters think youre annoying also, maybe you should make a poll with you as the question.


There are a few things that differentiate me from you.
1. Some people like and some don't like my posting abilities (as with all posters on ISH) but you're unanimously disliked by everyone.
Do you find Nash=best annoying?
Yes 100% 11

No 0% 0

total votes: 11

2. People started to hate you in less than a month.

3. You don't post any facts. All your stuff is just straight up garbage to get people's attention. ex. saying things like, "don't mess with me. i'm evil" and making threads like who's the most infamous poster on ISH.

need i go on?
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