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Default 1st Knick win with Melo

Ok this being there first game we have to analyze what needs to drastically change with the team. These are some points I think they have to work on.

1) Billups and Amare pick and roll really needs to get better. I like Billups passing ability better than Felton's. He really puts it in your hands not by your ankles like Felton.

2) Rebounding. Amare had like 4 rebounds. This is poor. He needs to stay around a 9-14 trajectory. Turiaf needs to get off his feet for rebounds as well.

3) The biggest problem tonight was defense. They need to play defense. That's it. Leaving the Bucks open for so many 3 pointers is absolutely horrible.

4) Amare has to cool it and just bite into his towel on the bench. He's too much of a hothead.
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