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Default Gauging the next 7 games

Cavs , 2/25
Heat , 2/27
Magic , 3/1
Hornets, 3/2
Hawks , 3/4
Hawks , 3/6
Jazz, 3/7

What kind of win to loss ratio can we gauge going into March? My take is this:

Cavs , 2/25 Win
Heat , 2/27 Loss
Magic , 3/1 Win
Hornets, 3/2 Win
Hawks , 3/4 Win
Hawks , 3/6 Win
Jazz, 3/7 Loss

I think this may be pretty realistic for a number of reasons. I'm sure some of you are wondering why the loss to the Jazz. I think that the short swing from Atlanta to Utah will tire the guys out. Jet lag will be the problem not a D-Will less Jazz.
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