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Default Re: Bosh vs. Frye (stats)

Yes he really pissed me off during the game. I watched him closely.

He doesn't want to play around the rim. He runs away from the boards as fast as possible. Never makes an offensive rebound. I guess he was told it's Curry's job....he used to do that until he had words with Curry during a game when they both fought for a rebound.

This kid is so screwed up he doesn't know which way is his own basket.

Good job developing young talent Zeke.

So far you sunk Nate into oblivion, took Jefferies confidence away, told Lee no matter how good you are you will always be a bench player, stopped using Balkman and confused Frye to the point of total indecision.

Great job Isiah......

So he goes back to using Jerome James, now Stevie Franchise killer.

That was great watching him turn the ball over and over again. It's bad enough to have a turnover waiting to happen in Crawford. At least Crawford puts more points up. But Crawford is a ball hog sometimes.
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