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Default [Draft] Any draftees that will make you start following a new team?

So with the draft coming up tonight, which of the possible draftees will make you sit-up and start following a new team? This isnít about switching your favorite team, obviously youíre going to stick with them through thick and thin, but this is about becoming a casual fan of a secondary team. For example last year a lot of people became fans of the Hornets thanks to them drafting Chris Paul.

Personally Iím going to become much more interested in whatever team Adam Morrison gets drafted by, mainly because Iíll be interested how much he can do in the NBA and because I like his emotion. Iím hoping itís the Bobcats not the Blazers because it will be much easier to become a fan of Charlotte.

I might also start following whichever team drafts Kyle Lowry, I think he could become a very good player in the league.

So do any of you have a player that youíve latched onto and who will influence your NBA fandom in the coming years?
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