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Default What America was built on, Vs what it's been replaced with.

Things America was built on, And what they've been replaced with.

America was built on:

Restricting government. The purpose of the US constitution is not to provide rights to the citizen. No, its sole purpose is to restrict the government. This was to prevent government from becoming overpowered and corrupted. The constitution clearly lays out the powers the federal government has, and any power not given to the federal government is given to the states or the people. The citizens were passionate in their belief of personal freedom and privacy.

Which has been replaced with:

An out of control government that disregards the constitution on a daily basis. The federal government outlaws things that should be left to the states to decide. The President goes to war without a declaration of congress. Worst yet, the people don't even care. They in fact think the constitution is "outdated" and doesn't apply to modern times.

America was built on:

Capitalism. Many Europeans and other settlers came to this country because the promise of prosperity. This prosperity was based on anybody, no matter how rich or poor their father was, having the ability to work hard and eventually make something of themselves. Poor people took risks and started successful businesses, increasing the quality of life for everyone.

Which has been replaced with:

We still have capitalism, though it's becoming more regulated. Sadly though, many people have begun to lose faith in it. They call for more government interference in markets out of a well intentioned, but misguided desire to help people. They don't realize that this supposed "help" only hurts them in the long run, by destroying incentives to work and raising taxes for the entire country to pay for these entitlement programs. This makes doing business in America less profitable and causes companies to move, or cut workers.

America was built on:

Sound money. The gold standard. The founding fathers wrote plenty about a fear of central banking, and they specifically wrote in the constitution that:

No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;

Also, Congress was to be the only entity in the United States with the power to coin money:


Section 8 - Powers of Congress
To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

Which has has been replaced with:

However, in 1913 the power to coin money was given to the Federal Reserve Bank. At no point in the constitution does it say the Congress has the power to wave this right to a private bank. And if it doesn't say it in the constitution, the government cannot do it, PERIOD. As noted here:
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

This has led to runaway inflation, lower standards of living, and less purchasing power of the dollar. No wonder you need two parents working today to support a family of four, when in the 60's just the Dad could work and the family could lead a middle class lifestyle. It's inflation.


Feel free to add your own. I might add some more later. Hopefully clearly laid out posts like this remind dissenters that America is founded on a constitution, and on capitalism. Those beliefs made us the greatest country in the world once upon a time. It seems today many have forgotten those beliefs, and instead rely on their own gut instincts in assessing politics. However, we don't need to use gut instinct.. the constitution lays out exactly how this country should be run.
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