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Default Re: Game 64 Bobcats v Bulls 3/9/11 7pm

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
I guess that T2 and Mattie are going to be out tonight. How can MJ show his face at these games now that GW and Naz are gone? I don't understand.
Well, Go Cats!!! Do the best that you can.

By showing up I'd say at least Jordan cares about "his" team's performance.

Remember he spent about $160,000,000 dollars to have ownership.

Obviously he wants a "sustainable" winning team, and I believe that he realizes with our pre-trade roster we'd never become a contender.

From now on, I'd say it's safe to assume Jordan's not going to make drafting decisions. Well his last one wasn't bad at all, Brook Lopez. But somehow Larry Brown slapped Jordan in the face and so they chose Augustin.
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