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Default We need a point guard and a center

Last year the Hawks passed up on Chris Paul and looked what he did for the Hornets and how they almost made the playoffs. Now the Hawks are talking about getting Sheldon Williams from Duke with #5. Nothing against the dude but he's s a stiff, he's not a fast big man plus he's more of a power forward. We need a point guard and if Randy Foye, Rajon Rando, or Marcus Williams are available at 5 they better get one of them. Billy Knight acts like he be drunk most of the time, I hope he gets fired. Their are no good point guards in free agency this year so he better get a point guard in the draft. Their are decent centers in free agency so he better sign a center instead of drafting power forwards and playing them at center. All I'm saying is we need a point guard no queston about it and if that drunken Billy Knight gets Sheldon, he might as well kiss his job goodbye and that way I won't have to look at his drunk face on tv interviews anymore.
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