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Default Re: Turning point for Knicks Season?

I could see them being 18-12 and reaching .500, and that is actually good enough probably to make the playoffs in the East.

To picture the Knicks being ahead of the Nets (regardless of what they do if trades go down) and the Raptors, is by a long shot.

The Knicks are playing better now I agree, but they need a solid 8 man rotation, and they need to play better defense.

Channing Frye was doing good at one point yesterday shooting jumpers all over the place, up until Ronny F*N' Turiaf did a spin move on him that even I could of stopped, and then Thomas just yanked him out of the game!!

The only way I see us being a better team is if we start playing with fire every single game, communicate on defense, and use the fundamentals of basketball.

This is hard to imagine however.
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