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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

Originally Posted by DetroitPiston
This is looking like a very weak draft. No one really stands out that I'd like, regardless of need or potential.

There's always going to be some difference makers though. At the bottom of the 1st round and through the 2nd round it is weak. I think when people are saying it's weak they mean in depth. People also said the 2009 draft class was weak (outside of Griffin). Then we saw what guys like Evans, Curry, DeRozan, Jennings, Daye, Holiday, Lawson, Collison, Beubois, Jerebko, etc, etc, etc did for their teams. I think it's all about being smart and trying to get the best guy. There's a few people in this draft that will be stars. We just have to do our homework and try to nab one of them.
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