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Default Would you rather have Chris Paul or Dwight Howard?

Lettuce be reality, it's unlikely the cats could land either of these guys. But since both players have jokingly hinted at the possibility of playing in Charlotte, it's an interesting exercise.

As great as Chris Paul is I'd rather have Dwight Howard. Here's why:

1. Howard is unstoppable inside. His presence opens up so many more offensive opportunities for a team that struggles to score. Imagine the 15 ft. jumper off the screen that Hendo has perfected this season. We run that play a few times and the opponent will send another player to help. Gerald then makes a quick pass to Howard, thunder dunk and one.

2. We'd be one of the biggest, most athletic and best defensive team in the East. A starting lineup of DJ, Hendo, Jack, TT and Howard with Kwame and Diop coming off the bench would be a guarding nightmare for opposing teams. How many blocks/game do you think we would average?

3. Chris Paul hasn't exactly been the picture of health of late. Although he has superior skills he hasn't been as durable as say Raymond Felton.

4. As important as PG is in the league, teams win without having a stud at that position. See Lakers, L.A.

What do you guys think?
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