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Default Re: April 20: Playoffs round 1, Nuggets at Thunder, Game 2

Don't get me wrong, this was not a bad trade for the nuggets. For a star who wanted out, they got a bunch of young assets, enough to rebuild and if they are lucky, maybe snag a different star. But for the shortterm i always didn't get this thought that the Nuggets were better, especially in the playoffs. The way the Nuggets play is taylor made for the regular season especially in Denver, they tire you out, they play two sets of five, etc. The problem is in the playoffs you need go to guys, which they never established, and you lose the advantage of depth because you are playing your bench against the other teams starters, not the bench and because in the playoffs, some people always wind up getting shorter minutes because you can't ride out ineffectiveness. See JR Smith (being a total douche btw - does he think Denver wants him?). See Birdman. The two sets of 5 is benig wittled down to 5 starters and 2/3 bench.

I think this trade benefited both of us, but the Knicks got better short and longterm, while the Nuggets will benefit longterm ,more from the flexibilty than the abundance of players.

If this is going to be a series, Denver wins Game 3 going away. If they win BARELY they are going to lose Game 4. They may lose Game 3. If they win Game 3 handily then i think Game 4 will be there for them at the end. (Funny enough, its 100% the same situation i think the Knicks are in)
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