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Default Re: CJ Watson, on twitter, "Congrats to DRose for winning the MVP."

Originally Posted by NewYorkNoPicks
you know I'm really tired of certain teams lucking into players, getting mvp awards, etc.

The NBA needs to become more balanced.

6 titles and a bunch of MVP's isn't enough for Chicago? All they had to wait was what 12 years before they get another superstar & MVP?

Complete BS. Chicago had the 9th worst record that season and end up with the #1 pick.... fk that.

Some teams never win a title, never have an mvp, etc. David Stern needs to get his legs broken. A new commissioner is who is about sharing the wealth and not continuously perpetuating the success of certain franchises.

Dude shut the **** up. I hate it when people come up with bullshit conspiracy theories with absolutely no evidence to back them up.
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