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Default Re: Greg Monroe representing Pistons at 2011 Draft Lottery

If we were to draft Morris I'd rather trade down. I'm not sold on him yet, but I've been hearing he's impressing some people.

I agree about Valanciunas. He is a project, but so is Biyombo. I don't think either of them can contribute right away. That's why I was saying this rebuilding thing will take longer than expected and we may be in the lottery again next year.

As far as the Davis thing, that's kind of interesting. Plus if you meant we could move up to the 4th pick, that makes it even more interesting. I'd take a look at what type of players they could put together to make that happen. I'm all for moving BG. I think Rip could understand coming off the bench if Stuckey was in front of him too. They still might start Rip and Stuckey and have Davis come off the bench. He's got the least game of the three.
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