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Default Re: Blake Griffin approves of Clippers trading draft pick

Originally Posted by heyhey
players shouldn't be general managers. most players are horrid at evaluating talent and places too much importance on having veterans.

Kobe wanted to trade Bynum for Kidd cause Kidd was an accomplished veteran. Just saying

If you watched the Clippers this year you'd understand it would take an idiot to think we need MORE young talent before veterans. Look at our team stats. A lot of our weaknesses like 3 point defense, turnovers, lack of outside scoring has to do with youth. Players who are inconsistent, unstable, inexperienced and choke when the game is close. Our youth cost us close games. Whether it was turnovers.. or forced shots it was our YOUTH. We lacked a veteran guy to settle the team down and make the right decisions (Like Cassell did for us.. as well as Mobley few years back).

You CANNOT compare an overall very old team like the Lakers wanted to add age/experience to a top 5 youngest team in the league adding it. It's not comparable in the slightest. The Lakers need youth, we need older players.
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