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Default Cleveland - OKC -----trade idea

Would it make sense to trade Westbrook and pick 24 to Cleveland for Picks 1 and 4 in the draft?

The Thunder could fill their need for a pass first point guard in Irving and could also fill the need for a low post scorer by taking Kanter.

Cleveland gets a legitimate young all-star who is 6 years from entering his prime to lead the franchise. Westbrook also gets the chance to be top dog on the team. I'm sure the Cavs could trade Ramon Sessions to open up playing time and Davis and Westbrook could play together, due to both being able to guard some shooting guards.

The only problem is, the Thunder probably don't want to get younger.

PG: Maynor/ Irving/ Ivey
SG: Sefolosha/ Harden
SF: Durant/ Cook?
PF: Ibaka/ Collison
CT: Perkins/ Kanter/ Aldrich

What happens with BJ Mullens? Is he a part of the team's future?
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