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Default Sonny Vaccaro says Nike has WAY more control now than other sneaker companies

CBS Sports reports:

"The power index is off the charts now; Nike has complete control," Vaccaro said. "Nike is the greatest marketing company in the world in terms of athletics. There's no question about it. And what they've done with their athletes is off the radar, and I don't think anyone could ever catch them even if I reinvented myself or came back as a ghost or something. I don't know that it would make any difference because they've done what they always wanted to do -- take control of basketball.

"They've never had total control like this since I left. They're tighter with their colleges and players than ever before. They have total control. And that's what I always feared -- total one-sidedness -- because a lack of competition limits opportunities."

To Vaccaro's point, there are no longer so-called bidding wars between he and Nike to fund certain summer programs led by certain prospects, and that's the part that Vaccaro hates most. Even if he didn't get a certain team, he could almost certainly get Nike to spend more than it otherwise would have spent -- and more than it now, in most cases, spends -- to fund said team. Then Vaccaro would just take his money and fund another team. It was simple. There were always at least two elite camps opening the July evaluation period when Vaccaro was around, which means roughly twice as many prospects had opportunities to highlight themselves on a big stage in front of college coaches and by extension earn scholarships.
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