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Default Re: NBA Trade Rumors: Why New York Knicks Will Pry Steve Nash Away from Phoenix Suns

Originally Posted by Sawbucks23

I think this is the best case scenario for the Phoenix Suns! Hopefully the fans are not too upset because of the love for Steve Nash and hopefully the Suns front office doesn't screw up this deal by asking for too much. The fact is that we have to move on after the Nash era and this is probably the best deal we are going to get. The Knicks drafted Iman Shumpert because the Suns were so high on him during the draft and were trying to work out trades with other teams so they can have another pick. Kinda made me wish the Suns didn't give the 23rd pick away. If the Suns weren't so open about wanting Iman Shumpert then the Knicks would have gotten someone else and the Suns would have gotten the man they wanted without trading Nash. I know some Suns fans will be too emotionally attached to Steve Nash, but life goes on and hopefully the Suns can have a better future.

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