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Default Re: Amare says he will NOT go overseas, NY and Knicks are his focus.

Originally Posted by niko
I think the great fallacy here is that this "euro option" is good for the union. It's not. it fractures them (The rich like Deron get richer, the players who actually need the money with smaller deals are ****ed.) With the Union telling everyone to stay together, how bad is it that people with $13M deals are going to make sure they are least get $5M during the lockout. It also makes them players to the casual fan (not us) look like greedy bastards. Deron Williams, who has yet to commit 100% to the Nets and took off the remainder of the season last year to get healthy, commits 12 seconds into the lockout to make sure he "gets paid" and "collects a paycheck" from a "great business decision, not personal". All in quotes because he said it, not others.

It makes the players look greedy. It makes the owners cause look better (when you and I know it's iffy).

i dont really understand this rationale. i think the players showing that they are willing to play overseas gives them leverage. it shows that they arent desperate for the lock out to end. i think it really helps the players.
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