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Not to take away from bobcat4evers joke thread, his are great but i like this joke gotta tell it

There is this russian wrestler who was undefeated. The only place he hadn't wrestled was the U.S. Well the NCAA camp is from Arkansas and he decides he wants to be the guy to bring the big russian down. so a match is scheduled and the arky starts to train. His coach tells him,"listen son the russian has this hold called the mongolian hold. no one has ever got out of that hold. Dont let him get you in the mongolian hold!!!" So the day of the match comes and 3 seconds in the russian has the arky pinned in the mongolian hold. Coach cant bear to watch he turns his back. but directly comes this cheer USA USA USA!!! Coach turns and the arky has the russian pinned USA wins! After all the partyin and celebrating coach takes his boy aside and says, "son I'm real proud but i gotta know one thing. How did you get out of the mongolian hold?"
"well you see, coach, the russian twisted up like a pretzel and it hurt so bad i closed my eyes. but for a second i opened my eyes and there in front of me were these two large testicals...and i bit them."
Coach says, "thats great son! You adapted, you overcame!!!"
"Yeah, whatever coach, its just amazing how strong you are when you bite yourself on the balls."

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