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Default Re: Discussion About Video Game Ratings In The U.S.

Violence is, acording to some jew thinkers, in all of us. I don't remember it being there when I was a kid, but **** ITS THERE and if i wouldn't watch violent films and play violent games, i would end up like this with some guy,

So it's better being weak when some muslim who never ever played games comes at you and wants to **** you up, then to not be weak. That might get you hurt.

Sexuality, though, when you were a gentle child, and were thinking sexual thoughts without thinking about actual penetration, IS SO ****ING BAD. YOU WILL END UP A WANKER IF YOU'LL HAVE SEX.

But seriously, adult sex has no place in kids stuff. It corrupts a childs worldview.. Adult sex is violent. Thus, ratings. Guys, porn is bad.
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