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Default Sep 24th: Goodman League vs Indy Pro-Am!/MikeWellsNBA/status/110906155374620672
Word is Kevin Durant and John Wall have committed to play for the Goodman team vs the Indy Pro Am team at Butler on Sept 24!/MikeWellsNBA/status/110906787795963904
The Indy team is expected to have Eric Gordon, George Hill, Gordon Hayward, Lance Stephenson, Mario Chalmers. Sorry, no LeBron or Melo

Don't know about the Goodman League squad, maybe someone over on the East Coast has heard about it. I'll definitely be there, gonna be a fun show. Hinkle Fieldhouse has a great vibe.

Also, an exhibition involving that many NBA players that late in the offseason doesn't speak well for the lockout talks. Breaking news, I know.
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