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Default Randy Foye's heart is on the RIGHT side of his chest

An interesting bit of information came up when Randy Foye underwent his physical last month in preparation for the NBA Draft: His heart is not in the normal place.

Several league sources say that Foye's heart is located in the right side of his chest. "The doctors say it's like looking in a mirror," says an Eastern Conference executive who received a briefing on Foye's condition.

A source at Villanova says the school became aware of his condition when Foye underwent a checkup for asthma. "The doctor couldn't find a heartbeat," the source says. "It was because his heart was on the other side."

Foye's camp investigated and was told by cardiologists that the rare condition posed no physical risk. The Chicago Bulls were among the teams aware of it, and based on their recent history with center Eddy Curry -- who was traded to New York last year after a series of highly publicized heart scares -- no team could be expected to take a harder look at Foye's condition than Chicago. But the Bulls' medical staff ultimately cleared him, and the Bulls say they would have taken him had he fit into their basketball plans.

All sources agree that Foye's condition has had no negative effect on his career nor is it expected to have any effect on his future.

That's crazy.
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