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Default Lockout bad for Sixers because team is young

In the short term, the Sixers will likely suffer more than most NBA teams because this roster is young, needy, easily influenced and, for the last three months, training without communication from head coach Doug Collins and his assistant coaches. The players may be training hard, but it's much less likely that all of them are training smart.

Unlike veteran, proven teams such as the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs, the Sixers are desperate for quality instruction, specific drills, hours of playing basketball the correct way. Every day that guys such as Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner and Lou Williams go without input from a professional coaching staff is a day they fall behind the league's more experienced rosters.

Yes, every NBA roster is in the same, rudderless position, but many other rosters are filled with veterans who have already mastered the NBA life: the 82-game season, the time off, the specific focus of offseason training. The players who can take the Sixers from mediocre to good - most specifically Holiday and Turner - have mastered no such things.

-- Philadelphia Inquirer
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