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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by lakers87
Need some help. Aaron Rodgers and Greg Jennings have carried my team. This week's matchup will be close if Cam can provide some help. Don't laugh at my RB's...

Which 4 WR's should I use? Desean Jax, Maclin, Steve Smith (Carolina), Torrey Smith, Victor Cruz.

Which 2 RB's? Joseph Addai or CJ Spiller or Reggie Bush?

Bush because Thomas isn't playing and the Giants are prone to giving up big run plays (see Fred Jackson vs Giants). Speaking of Fred Jackson, he is the man in Buffalo so I wouldn't start Spiller. Addai and Bush are who I would pick.

For your WR's, I would chose D Jax, Maclin, Smith and Cruz.

By the way, if you need RB help, pick up and start Jackie Battle if he is available in your league. The Chiefs run the ball probably more then any team in the NFL (he has 35 carries the last 2 weeks) so he will do better then Bush or Addai.

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